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We are one of the leading corporate and business firm based in Seattle and is comprised of experienced top lawyers that provide legal services as well as legal solutions and valuable advice on corporate and business matters. Our clients come from small businesses to large corporations with legal issues ranging from a simple tax problem to more complex litigation. Dedication, efficiency and success is what we take pride on and we provide a cost effective, legal and qualified legal service at all times.

It is our goal to provide our clients experienced and seasoned business lawyers and corporate counsels that are considerate and attentive of their needs and at the same time provide an excellent service at a minimal cost. We believe that referrals are an important factor in our business and for this reason alone, we always wants our clients satisfied whether they need help on patent law, intellectual property law, trade secret law, tax law, business law or a combination of some or all of our practice areas.

If you want your patent to be enforceable by law and for your invention to be protected, you must get it patented. Getting a patent can be walk in the park with proper guidance from the experts as they will give you the finer points about the patent law that is frequently amended due to technological changes. We also help you with the ins and outs of intellectual property law so you can protect the creative creations of your mind.

Starting a business or needing a legal representation for your business is also part of our areas of practice and we can provide you with valuable legal advice that will help you on the day to day transaction of your business. Whether you need help with the business tax law and how to reduce the business tax liability or if you need to protect your trade secret, We are here to help.

High level of experience is what our firm is all about. We work with our clients to obtain the best possible solutions to their legal needs. Our approach is always to be considerate of our client needs. Our assurance to our clients is to provide legal information in a concise and clear manner.

Here are our firm we make sure that we recognize and take care what others tend to forget and that is for our clients to receive the same amount of responsiveness, individual attention and common sense like they have come to expect from their personal affairs but this time it’s for their organizations and businesses.

Our practice areas and field of specialization are as follows:

  • Patent Law
  • IP Law (intellectual Property Law)
  • Trade secret law
  • Tax law
  • Business law

We don’t beat around the bush and give false hopes to our clients and we provide them with an honest and realistic assessment as well as the range of results that they can expect together with the other underlying issues involved. For a well seasoned experience in today’s modern business environment, you can count on us to do the job for you.